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Operational Services

As a company, we constantly monitor criminal trends in the areas and communities in PERATIONAL SERVICES which we operate, so we are constantly devising strategies and tools for our clients. Security prevention measures can never be static, so we keep abreast of new technology, new approaches, fresh thinking.

No longer is a grudge purchase, security a lifestyle decision, and as such it means taking steps beyond installing a basic alarm system. Real security is a change in mind-set, it means going beyond securing our homes to ensuring the safety of our neighbourhoods as well.

We recognised from early on that in addition to well trained, well managed staff, our long term success would require effective systems and procedures. We therefore invest heavily in the development of IT systems and now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated electronic management system which helps us manage our business and our client relationships more effectively.

Residential Communities

There is a significant difference in the risk profile between residential and commercial projects, through experience we understand how best to manage the security in a residential community. Communities are link to gather though the COMMUNITY safety projects and emergency radio channels and WhatsApp groups to SECURICON CONTROL.

Secure Residential Estates / Farms

Our business philosophy is to treat each client as if they’re our only client – that means that in our world there is no such thing as “one size fits all”, rather we recognise that every estate / farm has a unique set of challenges that require an individualised approach. Our strength is our ability to assess these unique situations and respond with the appropriate solution based on a combination of our wide range of specialist security products and services. We back this up with an extensive support infrastructure which is designed to intentionally and consistently deliver the highest levels of service.

Farm protection Services

SECURICON when contracted commits itself to the following services on a 24 Hour basis:

  • Risk analyses and risk management of clients property with focus on security
  • Of homes, access roads outside buildings, staff houses & key points such as pivots, Pump houses, pack houses and workshops.
  • Providing 24 hour patrol vehicle with qualified response personnel in dedicated area or cluster of farms – performing crime prevention patrols, visiting high risk key points.
  • Providing for FREE radio emergency channel with high site repeater with Securicon control room. Re –programming of client’s radio can be arranged.
  • Registering of all family members on E-BLOCK WATCH (cell phone mobile panic service) connecting with Securicon, neighbours and support group- affecting response where ever client or family members are and "find me" facility.
  • Registering of clients home, other key points, additional units on Securicon Electronic SKYTRAX system with GPS coordinates for emergency evacuations and response and providing patrol vehicle reports.
  • Armed reaction in cases of emergency, panic situations –violent attacks/ unauthorized and /or unwanted elements posing immediate threat, burglary whilst occupants are at home or due to burglary alarm activation, assault on farmer or family in or around contracted area.
  • Personal armed escort service to contracted members home from main road when required.
  • In terms of applicable legislation and in respect of agreement the following services Are rendered:
    • Roadblocks on /or between farms contracted
    • Arrests and re