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Alarm Monitoring And Off Site / Remote CCTV Monitoring

Our sophisticated 24 hour control room and our dedicated team of Control Room Operators are central to everything that we do. Our operators are fully trained to deal with any emergency quickly, calmly and efficiently. Our extensive Customer Enrolment Program ensures that we have all critical information on hand when your alarm activates. Crucial to achieving all of this, is the use of technology. We are undisputed leaders in this field, utilising our advanced systems to continually report on and manage the service delivered to customers. From real-time tracking of reaction teams to our extensive digital (and encrypted) radio network, full accountability throughout ensures the highest levels of service. We monitor:

  • Business alarms (including managing opening and closing times)
  • Residential /Farm Houses alarms
  • Electric fence monitoring
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Panic systems
  • Production process systems
  • Pump Houses and Eskom Transformer stations (cable movement and water level sensors)
  • Pack houses
  • Workshops
  • Pivot

Radio Alarm

The alarm system stays the property of the client.
New alarm systems carry 12 months warranty.
Please note that the radio transmitter and antenna always remain the property of Securicon and is never sold. The annual radio license will be payable with the first month debit order.
The annual license fee is due once a year on 1 January each year. This license fee is currently and only payable on 1 January 2016

The following signals are monitored by our 24 hour Control Room:

All of the above signals are sent to a PRE –ARRANGED cell phone number by ELECTRONIC sums paging system informing you of activations.

By Radio

  • Burglary –alarm with zone and user identification
  • Panic
  • AC Loss
  • Low Battery
  • Open / Close- illegal or unauthorized openings
Our clients have the option to use our GSM / RF RADIO TRANSMITTERS to arm and disarm the alarm system remotely by using their cell phone.