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Investigative Division

The Investigation Division offers a full spectrum of services, from investigating white collar crime through to general thefts in the workplace, including:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Corruption and Polygraph investigations

Commercial & Industrial Undercover Operatives

We manage and deploy highly trained undercover operatives to covertly investigate Criminal, Civil matters.

Background Checks

Our teams are able to carry out a comprehensive range of verifications and background checks, including:

  • Pre and Post Employment Screening
  • Background & Lifestyle Audits
  • Integrity Assessments
  • Qualification Audits
  • Reference Verifications
  • Security, Risk & Fraud Management

Security, Risk and Fraud Management

Our Investigations Division provides a broad range of Security, Risk and Fraud management services.

  • Tracing - Our operatives are highly skilled in the tracing of individuals and assets.
  • Risk Analysis - We also conduct test-buying exercises and customer service analysis to isolate operational areas and practices at risk of fraud and theft.


We offer security, risk and fraud awareness training to management and employees.