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Guarding Services

Our manned Guarding Services provide customers with fully-trained, professional Security Officers, who are constantly evaluated and monitored to ensure we provide leading service levels.

A team dedicated Client Service Managers - directly responsible for their team of Security Officers - stay in frequent contact with our clients, perform continuing risk analysis, respond speedily to customer requests and make sure our customers experience the levels of service they expect, and for which we are renowned.

Security Officers are also monitored directly by Site supervisors who visit frequently to ensure presence as well as being presentable. Our team of Operations and Area Managers support this guarding structure within the framework of an ISO managed, quality control programme.

We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability throughout. Our customer relationship programme encourages customers to communicate directly with our management team on an ongoing basis, ensuring a personal, tailored approach to risk management.

Technology is also pivotal to managing our staff and sites, as well as providing transparency and open customer access to performance information. We use the Chase Incident Management platform throughout our operation which provides:

  • Real-time incident logging
  • System drive Security Procedures
  • Automated reporting on Security Incidents, as well as feedback
  • Incident tracking and Case Management

Assistant managers also manages and escalates incidents to ensure they are followed up timeously, and full feedback is provided. Comprehensive reporting on statistics based on incident type, location and site and more is used to understand and manage risk in detail.

We have many years’ experience in all aspects of Guarding Services, and are leaders in the following vertical markets

  • Retail
  • Access Control
  • Physical guarding
  • Crime prevention
  • Patrols
  • Observation and counter action operations

Physical Guarding Consultation

Our Area and or Operations Managers will gladly consult with you, assessing your personal or business security requirements, identifying potential risks and threat areas, and providing professional advice on all aspects of your Physical Guarding needs.